Will Face to Face Learning Workshops Ever Be The Same?

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Hello everyone, this is Tom Hallett from the Learn Grow Succeed Podcast.

In today’s podcast, I get out my crystal ball to answer a question many learning consultancies like ourselves are wrestling with.

The question being – will face to face learning workshops ever be the same?

The short answer is probably no, and yet they might be even better.

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So, let’s go back to the question we started with and how face to face learning might look in the future.


Virtual learning has made a huge impact over the last few years as technology has improved.  Though if this medium were going to be the only method of delivery, you would have thought that the face to face experience would have ended years ago.

I mean organisations always want to reduce costs, and travel is a huge part of the training investment for some international organisations. Plus, more recently, the growing concerns about the dangers of climate change have prompted some companies to consider virtual approaches to learning.

Here at Excel, we have delivered virtual consulting and training for years, too alongside our face to face training.

Despite this, many, if not most, learning programmes still took place in a face-to-face context pre COVID.

Why is that?

Enter the complex individual known as a human being.

We are social animals, and most people enjoy working and learning alongside others. Of course, organisations themselves benefit from the networks and connections their people form when learning together too.

Here are a few things to consider.

  • Technology is phenomenal in helping the learning process and exceptional at knowledge transfer.
  • Developing soft skills and changing behaviours would appear to be more evident in a shared physical environment, where behaviours can be observed more easily.
  • Individuals are suffering from lack of contact and connection with others.
  • Finally, we are about to enter a time where organisations are in a skill deficit situation.


Its complex, isn’t it? Let’s throw something else into the mix.

Potentially, within six months a significant proportion of the population could be vaccinated and protected from the virus.

A return to normal? Maybe.

Depending on which article you read and on which day, common opinion is that ‘things’ – in other words, our normal world – will invariably return to normal. This was based on work at Harvard Business School based on 9/11 and the crash in 2008.

Though I would not want to bet on it this time as we are in a completely different landscape with A.I. driving so much of where the world is going.

Considering what I have shared, now is truly the time to embrace blended learning, something we have been using for several years at Excel.

Blended learning is a methodology that will take learning to a whole new level where face to face training events/interventions will be blended with online learning.

We have multiple resources that explain this in great detail on our website https://excel-communications.com/whitepapers/


My final prediction then is yes classroom learning will reappear, though no longer will it be a stand-alone approach. Instead, the last few months has taught all of us to look for possibilities in how we learn and develop our people.

Before I go, a quick summary.

  • Classroom learning, in theory, should have disappeared years ago. It hasn’t, and there is a reason why.
  • The tech we have now is amazing, and it can only make learning better.
  • Time to be open to possibilities and what works for the greater good of all.


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