What Drives High-Performing Teams?

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Hi, It’s Tom here from Excel Communications on the LGS pod.  

Have you ever been part of a truly great team? A team with drive, passion and motivation? Did you feel a sense of belonging and that others had your back? 

Teams like this can make the working day exciting and an adventure. But what drives them? 

Today I’m talking about how great leadership is behind every successful, driven team. 

So, what are the three critical skills a leader needs to possess to ensure success for their team?  

In today’s video, I want to explore each one in turn. 


Firstly, Your Leader is Inspirational 

Good leaders pull rather than push 

They know that to drive enthusiasm, they need to create energy. The most successful leaders are on a mission to communicate their vision and get their team on board. They know the value of having the teamwork with them, all pulling together in the same direction and towards the same goals. 


Secondly, Your Leader Increases Cooperation 

Great leaders encourage collaborative working. They are skilled at easing tense circumstances and are well-equipped to deal with difficult situations and conversations. 

As instigators of transparent communication, they look for two-way conversations that foster inclusion and give everyone in their team a voice. That way, they build collaboration and motivate the team to work together, better. 


Thirdly, Your Leader is Trusted 

Finally, trust is fundamental to successful team. A trusted leader is one who is fair; who exhibits integrity and emotional intelligence. In other words, a leader the team can rely on to say and do the right thing. 

A trusted leader is approachable and friendly, knowledgeable, consistent and reliable; they walk the talk. And they make their teams want to too! 

So, there you have the three traits of an excellent leader who provides the drive for a high performing team. 

If you are a leader, harnessing these attributes will enable you to motivate your team to achieve success.  

If you are already a motivational leader with an exceptional high-performing team – what skills do you think have contributed to your success?   

Feel free to share in the comments below!  

And look out for my next video, which focuses on the three things a good leader should NEVER say! 

Until then, bye for now!