Learning and Its Impact On Your Digital Transformation

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Hello everyone, this is Tom Hallett from the Learn Grow Succeed Podcast.

Today’s podcast topic is something on everyone’s mind now, and that is the need for digital transformation and its impact on our learning culture.

Before I get into that; if you are new here, welcome.

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So let’s get started by looking at some productivity facts that have emerged from the pandemic.


Spending on digital transformation initiatives was predicted to surpass the 2 trillion dollar mark this year. Though I don’t know the exact figures yet I suspect what has happened during the last few months means this figure is now well above this: let’s be honest – Zoom has quadrupled its reviews this year as have other video conferencing platforms, so who knows!

While many organisations prioritise technology and internal processes in their digital journey – to great success – many are finding it difficult to achieve the same results for their teams.

One of the keys to driving the people element of digital transformation is offering learning and development initiatives that not only train existing staff but serve to attract in-demand new talent to the business too.

So how can learning help your digital transformation?

It starts by being aware of your culture.

Capgemini recently produced a report that highlighted many companies consider culture as a hurdle. Though the U.S. and the U.K. had a similar score of around 55%, the global average was much higher with France topping the chart at 75%.

Remember, learning can help to shift cultural norms. To develop a culture geared towards a full and successful digital transformation, communication, collaboration, and development is essential.

And here is something you must consider…


Learning and Development Needs Consistency and Planning

By offering your employees access to platforms, technologies and programmes that will allow them to upskill according to emerging trends and technological evolutions continually, you stand to set yourself apart from the competition.

Since the start of the lockdown started in March 2020, the team at Excel have run multiple online learning programmes, especially to help managers lead their teams remotely.

The clients we work with understand how critical it is to develop a culture of knowledge sharing and continuous learning.


Your Digital Learning Journey Will Uncover New Talent

Development has the power to offer your managers and leaders new ways to benchmark the skills of their employees and uncover hidden talents that can help to enhance the skill set of the business in its entirety.

By creating a culture of continuous learning and offering the platforms, support and resources to make this a reality, you stand an excellent chance of nurturing your team and identifying individuals born with skills for the digital age.

I hope today’s podcast has stimulated some thoughts for you?

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