How To Deliver Messages With Impact: A Podcast With Graham Shaw

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Meet Graham Shaw: The Visual Communication Visionary

Graham Shaw is a standout figure in visual communication, known for his innovative approach that goes beyond the ordinary. His career is a testament to creativity and a dedication to pushing the boundaries of traditional expression. As a speaker, author, and trainer, Shaw focuses on helping individuals master the art of visual thinking, making complex ideas clear and memorable.

With charisma and a deep understanding of visual language, Shaw has gained acclaim for his ability to transform communication across various fields. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting, exploring Graham Shaw's world promises a transformative perspective on the power of visual communication.


00.35 Introduction

03:40 Topic Introduction

04:35 Graham Shaw's background

07.20 How can people make use of visual message delivery

10.30 Self-belief around drawing

15:50 How to deliver visual messages 

17:08 Graham's Tips to drawing

23:20 Challenging our own beliefs

25:10 Using Images in Virtual Workshops

27:30 How the visual technique can work in all industry sectors

32:40 Covid-19 and the Challenge of Training Programmes 

36:40 Using visuals to create a vision

39:57 Graham‘s Books

44:13 TED Talks and Worldwide Acclaim

48:30 The History of Using Imagery to Learn  

55:19 Conclusion

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