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Here we are… excitedly pulling into stop number 2 of our 4-part mini-series. By visiting each stop, you are gearing yourself up for a successful 2022, so it is great to see you again!

Or alternatively, if this is your first read of this series, you’ll be thankful to know that we can shift this train into reverse, as part one is here.

Today, we are asking an all-important question… what mindset are you entering 2022 with?

You may be wondering… what do you mean by what mindset? So, this is where I am going to drop a few tasty definitions.

Both these definitions are courtesy of American psychologist Carol Dweck, the first one being a fixed mindset, which means that you have a firm belief that we are born with a certain level of ability and skills that only exist in certain areas. These can improve ever so slightly with practise, however there are set innate personal parameters that we can never go beyond.

The second is a growth mindset, defined as the belief that intelligence and abilities can be developed with time and effort, in the same way that if you wanted to become physically fitter you can exercise to do just that. The level of capability that you can obtain correlates with the work you put in to achieve it. Anything is possible.

So, to repeat my earlier question… what mindset are you entering 2022 with?

I’ve got everything crossed right now that you said growth mindset. Let’s take away those self-imposed limits!

These are the things you need to remember so you can get your mind fully 2022 ready and squeeze every gram of growth out of the year ahead.

We Are All Imperfect

How do you feel about being imperfect? That sounds like an incredibly harsh and horrible question, making it sound like we are all like the ugly and odd shaped fruit or the barrel of broken biscuits that you find on the discount shelf in a supermarket.

Remember though, perfect is an impossibility. So, we all have imperfections.

Therefore entering 2022 with a first name basis, secret handshaking relationship with your imperfections will be absolutely key to your overall growth.

You are clear on the areas which you want to work on to improve, enabling your knowledge and skills to become even more well-rounded than they are now.

Failure to shake hands or even nod in acknowledgment with your imperfections could mean that you stagnate somewhat and miss out on some fantastic opportunities to learn and develop.

Listen To Yourself

Now, I want you to raise your hand in the air for me and repeat these words. Be aware though that if you are reading this in a public space, you may look a little unhinged. I want you to say… ‘I will not limit myself from achieving what is truly possible.’

It is scary to think about all the things in our pasts that we stopped ourselves from achieving, all because we told ourselves that we ‘could not do it’. No more! Listen to your words and thoughts and stop yourself when you notice this happen.

Relationship With Failure

A biggie. Understandably though. A fear of failure can be paralysing. Often ending potential successes before they are even started.

Failure is not an end though. It is not always a reason to stop.

It is instead an indication that you need to readjust and go again. Of course, something not going right can be devastating, however it is important to feel that feeling, and then energise yourself with the chance to learn from the experience and to get back up.

We actually wrote a whole blog about this topic. I would highly recommend giving it a read… not just because I wrote it, but also because it is incredibly valuable information which can help in multiple ways at the different junctions and turns in your life – 4 Steps To Recover From Major Setbacks.

Challenge Yourself

Do you launch yourself fully into scary unknowns, or do you wilt under the pressure and uncertainty like a flower in a furnace?

Challenges disrupt our status quo; however, they also have the potential to raise our status quo to where we desire it to be.

Purposefully shifting your mindset to see challenges as lucrative opportunities to learn, grow and succeed will see you finish 2022 in a much better position than if you were not to.

That is a guarantee.

Work Ethic

Natural talent is a gift, but what a waste it can be if it is not paired with good effort and work ethic.

Whether you desire to achieve your potential comes down to this really.

Are you happy riding with your natural talents as far as they can take you, or do you want to work hard to take them even further and also grow talents in different areas?

Make 2022 the year that you commit to the latter.

Seek Mentorship

This year, we will feel no envy at the success of others.

Let’s instead be thankful that we can all learn a whole lot from one another and be proactive! Commit to asking people about things that they excel at, and that you want to develop yourself.

Mentorship is a truly powerful method of learning new skills, and there are so many people out there who would be delighted to talk with you about a passion that they have mastered but are not being asked.

Take in the Landmarks

The result may have been the primary reason that you started a journey. I mean, very few people would get in their car and drive from one place to another just for what they will see on the commute there.

However, personal growth is different. The commute is jam-packed with landmarks, all of which were built with the purpose of indicating to you that you are evolving.

When you take the time to observe this happening, your want for further personal development will become just as great as your want for more success.

What’s Next?

Where should you grow next?

Basking in your own brilliance is super important, but it crucial to keep your momentum going.

Some view goal setting as an arduous task that is all about expectations.

However, goal setting is something that should both scare and excite you. It should be your opportunity to look at where you want to be in the future and begin.

If you feel nothing about your goals, then why not try to be even more ambitious?

Pop this one in your calendar. You and us, this place, next week. Stop 3 of 4. The importance of relationship building and influence and how you can turn it into your new 2022 superpower.

In the meantime we’ll leave you with a little something we’ve put together for you…

See you then!

Alex & The Excel Team






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