Our 'Road To Swansea' Wellbeing Initiative!

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After our amazing team trip to Swansea, we unanimously decided to embark on an exciting new team challenge that would focus on enhancing our mental and physical wellbeing.

Introducing the incredible 'Excel Road to Swansea'!

This challenge encompasses the spaces that connect the former Excel Communications office in Marlow to the picturesque destination of Swansea, Wales... with a delightful detour through Scotland.

To earn these coveted spaces, all you need to do is devote time to nurturing your personal wellbeing. Whether it's through invigorating exercise, moments of mindfulness, or even performing acts of kindness, every effort counts!

While the road ahead may be long, we are filled with hope that this challenge will instil a heightened sense of awareness regarding the importance of recharging our batteries and prioritizing our wellbeing on a daily basis. The winner will receive a £200 donation to a charity of their choice, as will the person who submits the best update of an activity that they have participated in!


The Excel Road to swansea