Curry, Emotional Intelligence and Chocolate Truffles - The Short Story of Our October Off-Site 2023

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Curry, emotional intelligence, and chocolate truffles.

The final Excel Communications off-site of 2023 had it all!


With our location set for the south east of England, and specifically Camberley, there was an enormous feeling of excitement in the air, as our away days have become much anticipated events within the yearly Excel head office calendar.

Especially as these days, we are a fully remote team… so whilst we have plenty of shampoo calls (virtual calls where we can only see each other’s head and shoulders), it is rare that we can all come together as a collective to spend quality time together in person.

That is what makes these occasions special!

The itinerary this time around was as follows:

  • A cheeky curry night at Camberley Tandoori containing a battle of the spices between Matt and Connor. No tears were shed surprisingly despite both ordering a vindaloo.
  • A brilliant insightful session on emotional intelligence facilitated by one of our own…Natasha! This is a topic that is always good to be vigilant about, and this was jam packed with incredibly helpful information and actionable tips.
  • Our Excel ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ Halloween Evening! What do you get when you cross a pumpkin, witches, a couple of grinches, a chainsaw wielding character and a mythical American Football player together? A whole lot of fun is apparently the answer. The most frightening part of the evening though definitely came from the karaoke and the shapes being thrown.
  • A chocolate making masterclass that tested the sweet treat crafting abilities in the team. In one word, the results were… tasty, which sadly meant that not all creations survived the full commute home. Yum.

Here are some of the pictures!




















Alex & The Excel Team

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