Escape Rooms, A Big Royal Castle & Home Working Practices - The Short Story of Our January Off-Site 2024

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Let's begin this company update with some trivia...

Did you have any idea that Windsor Castle holds the title for being the oldest and largest inhabited castle in the world? When it comes to size, this majestic castle is equivalent to 269 tennis courts. And believe it or not, within the estate, there are over 450 clocks!

Now, here's where things get intriguing. With the UK's Daylight Savings Time, that innocent clock fact takes on a whole new meaning. Apparently, whenever the clocks spring forward an hour, it takes the King's skilled clock maker a whopping 16 hours to adjust them all. And brace yourself, because when they go back an hour, it takes a staggering 18 hours! Facts via

Isn't it amazing how even the smallest details can hold such fascinating stories?

Talking of fascinating stories, let's outline the tale of the first Excel Communications off-site of 2024 that took place in... Take a guess.



The itinerary this time around was as follows:

  • Enjoyed some marvellous Greek cuisine at The Real Greek. A smashing time had by all without smashing any plates.
  • A fantastic session on home working practices facilitated by one of our own Jo Bonsey! As a company that have been remote working for a few years now, it is always good to take time to refine our practices and expectations for how we continue to navigate collaborating with each other whilst physically apart.
  • The morning after a beautiful dinner at Giggling Squid, it was time to desperately escape! Not because we were tired of each other's company... far from it! It was because we had 2 enthralling rooms booked at Escape Windsor. Good news is that everyone made it out, so you can still expect to speak to our team members without any concern of them being locked in the deepest, darkest cellar in Windsor Castle.







Alex & The Excel Team

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