Excel Communications & Our Continued History Of Funding Medical Projects

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Back in 1981, I was a working class boy from a comprehensive school in Essex, and I became the first in my family to go away to university.

Whilst at the University of Leeds, I was lucky enough to meet the girl who later became my wife and mother of our children.

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The university therefore still holds a very special place in my history and my heart.

Which is why thirty years later, my company Excel Communications, made a generous donation through the Leeds University Alumni, to the new library being built on campus and we have donated a % of our profits ever since.

We helped fund a PhD student on a three year project researching brain tumours, following the death of a young friend from glioblastoma. Another three year PhD project helped develop the technology for using micro bubbles to deliver drugs to tumour sites, increasing their effectiveness and reducing side effects.

Currently we are helping to set up one of the largest brain histology libraries at the University Medical School to help better understand and eventually manage dementia.

With these various donations, Excel Communications has invested nearly a quarter of a million pounds in the science of health.

We believe that by choosing us as your learning partner, it is not only good for you and your people but it is also good for the wider society.


Nic Hallett & The Excel Team

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