New Donations To Mind and Samaritans

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To uphold our dedication to supporting the wellbeing of Excel Communications team members, we established the Wellbeing Fund in 2023.

Each team member is provided with a wellbeing allocation from the fund, allowing them to purchase items or services that contribute to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This may involve acquiring sports equipment, indulging in massage therapy, or participating in exercise classes.

In establishing the Wellbeing Fund, we made it a priority to ensure that any remaining funds at the end of the year could still be utilized for the greater good.

So, with the unused funds from 2023, Excel Communications has made two charity donations of £430 to both Mind and Samaritans.

Mind is a renowned mental health charity situated in the UK, dedicated to providing invaluable support and guidance to individuals with mental health issues. Their impactful efforts include combating the stigma surrounding mental health, reshaping perceptions, assisting individuals through their struggles, and fostering a sense of unity within communities.

Samaritans is a charitable organization that offers vital support to individuals facing emotional distress and thoughts of suicide. Providing empathetic assistance during times of crisis, their ultimate goal is to reduce the number of lives lost to suicide.

Thank you,


Alex & The Excel Team

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