What Does a Training Needs Analysis Look Like?

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Putting together a Training Needs Analysis down not need to be a task filled with horrible complexities.



It can be quick and it should be incredibly motivational when done right. It essentially is you planning out how you are going to find progress and success.

At its heart, a TNA is a Gap Analysis done at either an individual, team or organisational level:

The result is a short document or report that includes just three things:
1.    A clear vision of what the desired performance looks like regarding people’s knowledge, skills and attitude
2.    A summary of their current performance against the same criteria
3.    A priority list of the performance gaps which may or may not yet have recommended training solutions identified

That’s the contents.

Now of course, we are simplifying somewhat here. That is because we actually have a comprehensive guide as well as templates for building the best Training Needs Analysis for your people, teams and organisation.

Grab yours here.




Alex & The Excel Team

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