Key Lessons From 4 Famous Quotes

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You go to a restaurant to get fed. You go to the gym to get fit. You go to bed to get rest.

But… where do you go to get inspired?

Some people go outside and find inspiration in the world around them, some people dabble in creative forms to become inspired, some people open Instagram, type ‘LearnwithExcel’ in the search bar and take in loads of thought-provoking words of wisdom and inspiration in each post.

All valid methods. I will be focusing on the final method and shameless plug for this blogpost though.

Inspirational quotes can be so powerful that they shape the way that people live their entire lives. For example, ‘If you want the rainbow, you have to put up with the rain’ teaches us the value of maintaining a positive mindset, and that for good to exist, so does bad.

Now, we talk here a lot about the importance of lifelong learning. Not just because we are a learning and development consultancy… and that would make sense. But also, because we want everyone to feel the excitement of where they can grow to next.

Funnily enough, when you search for inspirational quotes, a whole lot of them are spreading the message of how crucial always learning is.

So, for this blog, I have grabbed 4 for you, and decided to delve into the key message of each, so that you can leave this article overflowing with learning inspiration.

Here we go!

“Smooth seas do not make skilful sailors.”
– African Proverb

Key Message – Learning through experience can be incredibly valuable.

Sadly, I am no sailor. To me, a boom is a loud noise, stern means serious, and port is Portuguese wine. However, despite this, it is possible to extract the incredible message from this proverb. Discomfort and challenge are absolutely crucial towards the development of new skills and growth. As learners, the fear of failure could lead to us spending a lot of time within a theoretical world, as we deem it necessary to collect a lucrative bank of knowledge before dipping a toe in the water, just in case we drown. We sit and wait for the smoothest of seas before we set sail.

This can still be an appropriate approach. However, there is the danger that you may be just building knowledge, and then not actually using it. Learning by doing can increase the retention of the knowledge that you are gaining. It is engaging, interactive, and much more personal, as you can recall the occasions that you learned something new.

Not only this, but it is also incredible way to build resilience and your ability to adapt to different situations.

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”
– Mahatma Gandhi

Key Message – Always seek and grasp opportunities to grow.

Live as if you were to die tomorrow sounds like it could be quite irresponsible. Like when people say, if you only had 24 hours left on Earth, how would you spend them? Answers have a wide range. Some perfectly reasonable, like spending time with the people that matter. Some completely illegal, such as robbing a bank and spending all the money.

What we have here though is encouragement to take opportunities and not to be afraid of living and searching for fulfilment. This attitude will serve as an antidote to overthinking and needless hesitation, instead taking you through doors that you would have previously been too nervous to approach.

Second that with a growth mindset, being the desire to learn from all these new experiences and to excitedly understand that there is no cap to your growth, and your life could quickly change course completely.

“Learning never exhausts the mind.”
– Leonardo da Vinci

Key Message – Learning is exercise for the brain. Incredibly beneficial and without fatigue.

Hold up, I’m just putting on my lab coat. When you invest time into your development, you are changing the make up of neural pathways and forming new connections in your brain. This means that as you increase the attention that you are giving to learning something, you are strengthening these connections, making the nerve impulses firing through your mind much quicker.

One way to think of this process is that it is similar to if you are tracing a picture onto paper. As it is unfamiliar, on the first attempt, you may begin by easing the pressure you apply to the pencil as you follow this new shape. However, once an outline has been established and you have had that initial experience, you are then likely to then go over each line with increasing pressure and confidence so that it becomes bolder, more defined, and stronger. This happens whether you are four or ninety-four.

Learning can also improve your concentration levels and memory, as well as being beneficial to the long-term health of your brain. These are all good things! You do not need to worry about the potential future impact of constantly learning on your brain, such as that it will get weighed down by heavy fatigue as you age. Like putting a sponge beneath a running tap. It will not happen.

Add to that the immediate gain that makes learning energising, which is the feeling of accomplishment, empowerment, and the tidal wave of dopamine that washes over you. All of this makes learning an addiction that you should fully indulge.

 “The past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it, or learn from it.”

– Walt Disney

Key Message – Every experience, good or bad, is an opportunity to develop.

Running from things can feel good. You are ridding yourself from danger and allowing your legs to carry you to wherever you deem to be a safe place. Which is great when the thing you are running from is a peckish lion. However, when it is any form of recollection from your past, then it is best to not sprint away in terror. These events, even if they seem unsatisfactory, can actually be extremely helpful.

One likely source of these memories is anything that you determine as a failure. It is incredibly unusual to achieve anything significant without having to overcome major setbacks and obstacles. These setbacks can feel like an intense ringing in the ears, alarming you to seek somewhere to hide until you forget about what happened. However, every setback contains incredible value… so much so, that we actually have a whole article about it here –

‘Failures’ give you the opportunity to adjust and go again with greater knowledge. The shame is though, that many never recover from the initial devastation of a ‘failure’ to consume it as a golden learning experience. Leaving all that potential on the table.

So, there you go, you hopefully now have four new favourite quotes which are going to help power you through whatever journey you are currently on in your life!

What are some quotes that you already live by? Make sure to let us know as maybe they could form a part 2.

Before you go, do have a watch of our video summary of this blog:

I am going to finish this blog with some words of wisdom of my own. Hear these words and let them inspire you to act in whichever way you feel motivated to. “Follow our Instagram page for daily learning motivation.”

– Alex Dinnadge, 2k22.


Alex & The Excel Team






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