How To Properly Disconnect From Work And Enjoy Your Holiday

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Let’s begin this blog with a visualisation exercise.

Stick with me here…


Before we begin, I have one simple instruction… you need to read the next part in the most chilled zen voice possible please.

Like you would do if you were undergoing a guided meditation.

As that is rather difficult for me to do with the written word, I will make it all beautifully relaxing and elegant on the eye, by typing it in italics.


You are fully reclined.

The sun’s rays are soaking though your skin, warming you gently on the outside and soothing you on the inside.

Calming your soul.

Total tranquillity continues to wash over you with each slow crash of crystal-clear sea water on shimmering golden sands. Their rhythmic comings and goings sounded by the serene smoothening of the cushioned land beneath.

There’s a gentle breeze whistling through… Hold on, did you miss any of your deadlines before you left?

There were so many deadlines.

The only thing moving faster than your worry-powered heart is the trigger in your brain as it shoots questions through your system faster than an automatic rifle.

Did you finish that task? What do you need to do when you get home? How many meetings do you have next week?


Relaxing right?

I really feel like we just transported you to paradise.

Welcome back!


Here’s the truth… You deserve a break.

You have booked time off exactly for that reason. You are taking a vital step to ensure that you recharge yourself before you burnout, and that you can spend time doing whatever you wish to do.

Whether that be to explore somewhere new, spend quality time with friends or family, or potentially even to bask in the simplicity and ease of a staycation, this is your time.

A time which, once spent, will ensure you return to your career refreshed, energised and ready for whatever challenge comes  your way.

However, you will only really feel the full effect of this, if you don’t pack your work to go with you.


We acknowledge that this is not always easy to do, so we have compiled three tips below to ensure that you transition seamlessly from work mode to holiday mode!

Let’s begin!


Work Ahead

The title of this one sounds rather daunting.

So I am going to attach a disclaimer to it.


This does not mean that you need to put in two weeks’ worth of work in a week, to receive the next week off.

It just means that you need to be organised.


This can be achieved by dedicating a good amount of your time prior to your holiday to achieving tasks you want complete and ensuring that a detailed handover is ready for your departure.

Communication can help to make this less stressful than it needs to be too, as collaborating with your colleagues on outstanding tasks, or delegating so that they can be completed whilst you are out of office will mean that you are not doubling down to tick off everything on your list.


Also important to think about when working ahead, is that you have a clear holiday block visible in your calendar and that you have an auto reply set up for anyone who dare accidently email you whilst you are away.


You are also going to return. So take a look at your diary for those first few days back to ensure that there are blocks dedicated to catching up. You don’t want to be firefighting. If possible, try to keep meetings to a minimum in order to give yourself the time you need.


All of this will provide you with proof that you have no work-related matters to concern you during your break.

Your preparation has ensured that everything is in hand.


A Physical Transition

Let’s look at this as a way of welcoming in a period of relaxation.

Marking the very start of your break.


One great way to do this is to finish up with your work, and then to venture out into a social environment.

It will set the tone for what is to come, and can quickly move your mind away from much of the work related matter that has filled it up to this point.


There can be a real barrier to this though, which is likely to be the reason why you are taking a break in the first place.


If you are just too darn tired to invest energy in going out, then why not pour it into a good book or video game?

Losing yourself in a different realm can be a tremendous escape.


Set Your Environment

Your priority on your break away is to set your mind free from your career and to allow it to wander where it wants.

Therefore during this time, make certain it’s wandering will not be interrupted.

To do this, it is recommended to turn off notifications for all work related applications on your phone, set time caps on your phone to alleviate the temptation to check on work matters, and to not use wi-fi if you may persuade yourself to switch temporarily back into work mode.

If you have others around you, they can be very helpful in ensuring you do not disrupt your time off. Confirm with them about how you will be not touching your work whilst away with them, and tell them to hold you accountable if you slip.

Make sure too that this is a promise that you make to yourself.

As we mentioned at the top, it is a promise worth keeping because you deserve to relax.

We are not machines, and for you to be at full performance when you return, you owe it to yourself to switch off.


Alex & The Excel Team






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