Mastering Change: Embracing the Rollercoaster of Life

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Embracing change is like getting onto one of those big twisty scary rollercoasters.

When you first take your seat and get strapped in, you are feeling unsettled and uncertain.

However, once it starts moving, that is where we feel how exciting and exhilarating change can actually be.

To continue this metaphor, you cannot avoid life's rollercoaster, and even when it feels as though you might not be on it and things are pretty tranquil, it is still moving, because even the craziest rollercoasters are not going at full speed all the time.

So, ultimately we need to learn how to embrace the ride we are on.

In this article, we're diving headfirst into the thrilling world of change and transformation, and how you can learn to get onboard with changes in your life, rather than being instantly opposed from anything that does not appear to be 'the normal way'.

Let's start!


Embrace the Inevitable

Change is not an anomaly; it's a fundamental aspect of existence.

Rather than succumbing to fear or resistance, embrace change as the heartbeat of life itself. A world without change may seem safe, but it's a world devoid of excitement and growth.

Instead, recognize that the chaos of change keeps us engaged and provides the ups and downs that shape our life stories.

Your reaction to change is a choice; choose to adapt, evolve, and keep moving towards your goals.

Control and Support

When change strikes, the initial reaction can be frantic, a desperate attempt to regain control over life's joystick. However, investing your energy in battling the impossible is futile.

Instead, focus on what you can control. Steven Covey's concept of the "circle of concern" and "circle of influence" is a useful framework for this.

Identify what you have power over and what lies beyond your control. As your list of controllable elements grows, you'll feel a sense of empowerment replacing helplessness and anxiety.

Remember, you don't have to face change alone; seek support from others to thrive.

Prioritize Self-Care

During times of change, one thing you can guarantee to yourself is the importance of self-care.

Establish daily rituals that provide stability and nourishment for your well-being. These practices become the bedrock of your day, providing you with the resilience and clarity needed to seize opportunities within change.

Whether it's a peaceful morning walk or any activity that brings you tranquillity, make self-care non-negotiable.

Discomfort Equals Growth and Resilience

When change disrupts your life, remember this mantra: discomfort equals growth and resilience.

Every discomfort you endure during change contributes to your personal growth.

Embrace it as a valuable experience that enriches your journey. Take stock of the lessons learned, both about yourself and your surroundings. Reflect on your progress and acknowledge your courage and perseverance.

Celebrate every step you take into the unknown; it's where your true potential blossoms.



Change is not a foe but a friend on the path of personal growth and resilience.

Embrace it, control what you can, care for yourself, and remember that discomfort is a sign of growth.

In the ever-shifting landscape of life, these principles will be your guiding stars, illuminating your way toward a future brimming with possibilities.

So, as you navigate the winding road of change, do it with grace and a sense of purpose, for it is through change that we truly discover our strength.


Alex & The Excel Team

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