An Introduction To Inclusive Leadership – What Is It And What Are The Benefits? 

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If you’re a regular with us over here at Excel, then there is a great chance that you have read/watched our content on the topic of vulnerable leadership. 

If so, then you are a complete living legend in my eyes. The greatest thing since they put the squeezy tops on the Marmite. 

However, as well as being utter royalty, you will be well aware of the true power of being vulnerable and the benefits of it on your leadership style. 


If you are unaware, you still have time to earn legendary status by checking them out once you have finished up here.


Anyways, the reason I bring up vulnerable leadership is because it bears resemblance to what we are discussing today.  

Because we are talking inclusive leadership! 


What is an inclusive leader though? 

Well, here comes a definition. 


It is a leadership style that is inclusive in making leadership decisions. 

An inclusive leader is someone who is self-aware of their own preferences, however despite this, are open to explore and consider the thoughts and ideas of others, even if they may be the complete opposite of their potential biases. 

They acknowledge that a diverse range of opinions is a strength when it comes to making decisions and will therefore see greater differences and diversity amongst a team as a competitive strength. 


This is a leader that is willing to be vulnerable in knowing that their opinion on something may not always be the most informed one, and therefore actively seeking others for their inputs. It also demonstrates a degree of vulnerability for a leader, as this form of delegation of ideas is a huge change to a more traditional power dynamic. 


So, there’s an introduction. 

But why should you want to be an inclusive leader? 


What are the benefits? 


Let’s take a look! 


Growth of Mutual Respect and Trust 

When you are working within a team that, as part of their culture, fully embraces inclusive leadership, it is incredibly likely that you will feel extremely valued by the leaders. 

Your views on matters that could be decisive to the direction of your team and company are being heard and considered. Something which may not be the case in structures which keeps all deliberations on these topics to the few that are in leadership positions. 

Therefore, that feeling of empowerment, respect, and trust that inclusive leadership delivers to employees outside of those roles is an incredible boost. This will, in return, give inclusive leaders a team which possesses a higher level of morale and job satisfaction. 

It brings everyone closer to the core of the company and more involved in shaping the future of the place that they work. Providing an even greater reason to care about the company vision.  

Not just because their work will help to turn it into reality, but also because they will be helping to shape it. 

Boosts Teamwork and Relationships 

So far, we understand that inclusive leadership is a great style to amplify the individual voices of those within your team, helping to make the decisions you make, more informed. 

However crucially, this leadership style also promotes these voices to collaborate and work together to discuss ideas. This works wonders in creating stronger team chemistry, strengthening bonds between each member of the team. It also provides a space for individuals who may work in completely separate departments or are from completely different generations and cultures to understand more about each other’s ideas and perspectives on factors they have in common. 

It promotes open communication between people, building links and forming conversations within a team that could prove vital towards the achievement of short and long-term business goals. Not only that, it also really adds something palpable towards the atmosphere of where you work. 

The dream of being an incredibly diverse and cohesive team. 

Promotes Creativity and Innovation 

It is truly powerful when people bounce off of each other. Metaphorically! 

Ideas, whether basic or advanced, have the capability to undergo a tremendous evolution when shared. 

Ideas may be adapted and adjusted based on the perspectives and thoughts of others, they could potentially even be combined with other ideas to form something completely brand new and innovative. 

It really is an exciting process, and with inclusive leadership it is something that will become much more regular. 

In more traditional setups, leaders may work alone to formulate ideas and choose a path. However, when being inclusive, they have the incredible benefit of being able to introduce more into the decision-making process and formulate more creative solutions. 

Not only that, but each member of your team will have different levels of knowledge on each different element of the business, so the richness of those perspectives will add amazing sight and value to the potential conclusion reached. 


Alex & The Excel Team






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