7 Tips To Upgrade The Things You Learn Everyday

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Did you know…

– Some Italian banks will allow you to take out loans using wheels of parmesan cheese as collateral.

– Charles Morton, a 17th century scientist, believed that birds flew to the moon during winter.

– Hummingbirds can lick things 20 times per second.

You learn something new every day.

I heard someone say that phrase earlier this week, and it made me think… what can I do to improve the quantity and relevance of the things I learn every single day?

The three facts I began this post with are probably not the best examples of new information I have learned since that brainwave.

I have however compiled seven tips that will mean you can be much more pro-active and strategic in your search for new information, every day. Meaning that, by performing these actions, you can always be working towards the specific things you want to achieve, rather than just absorbing any information that appears in front of you.

These tips will make learning each day much simpler, enjoyable, and attainable.

Let’s get into it!

Search More Specifically

Content, content, content.

Everyone is making it.

We are living in an age in which it has been made easier than ever to share your thoughts and ideas.

As a creator, it is a good reason to rub your hands together with anticipation. However as someone looking to consume, it can be daunting and disorientating.

Where do I start?

I would always suggest taking that thing you want to learn and looking at the different elements of it.

Take leadership for example.

If you want to be a better leader, you could always read something that tries to capture it all in one. Alternatively, due to the vast depths of information available at your fingertips, you could seek richer information on a specific element of leadership. E.g. how to lead people who are struggling with a potential return to the office following a pandemic.

Content nowadays is like an ocean. Impossible to cover in its entirety but full of excitement and wonder when you dive into its depths. So don’t just swim on the surface.

Discover New Podcasts

A wonderful segue from my previous point.

The growth of podcasts in recent years has been staggering.

This could be for many different reasons, such as how easily accessible and digestible they are, the fact that they are a screen-free experience once you hit play, and also that people enjoy hearing a topic discussed by others.

Whether you are listening to podcasts already or whether you are yet to explore the extent of shows out there, I would suggest committing time to explore the value available to you via this platform.

Another piece of advice when discovering new podcasts is to give each show you attempt a good amount of time to make an impression on you. One of the biggest positives that comes from podcasts is the relationship you feel with its creator, which like any relationship, takes time to grow in meaning.

If you are currently looking high and low for a brand new favourite listen, then we would love for you to come and join the conversation with myself and Tom Hallett on the Learn, Grow, Succeed Podcast.

Our podcast is the place where we discuss the topics within these blogs. Search for us wherever you get your other favourite content!

Adapt Your Social Media

There are so many differing views on this topic.

Some would say that social media is synonymous with the modern way of living, ensuring that everything is accessible, and that people can be brought together, no matter the location.

Whereas others will tell you that it is an addictive time trap that deprives the important things in life of your attention, instead dedicating our focus into this realm of falsehoods.

We all have our reasons for whichever opinion we hold however, I believe that the key to turning your social media into an effective learning tool is content control.

Let’s say you make a new Instagram page. When you go to your feed, there will be nothing there… that is because you have not told the platform what you want to see.

Therefore, I suggest that if you are looking to get value every time you open one of these apps, then take a firmer grip on the content that appears.

Look at who you follow and what they are actually bringing to you.

If the answer is that it is content that is not enriching your mind in some way, then get rid.

Following someone or something on social media is not a contract. You hold no obligation to continue when it stops working for you.

In addition to this, there are plenty of accounts on social platforms in all manner of niches that are providing outstanding value in every post.

The LearnWithExcel Instagram account for example 😉.

Find Thought Leaders/Influencers

Following on from our previous point about the ways in which you use social media. There are influencers you can follow in pretty much every niche you can think of.

Chances are then, no matter what you are looking to learn more about, there is someone out there lighting the way forward for you.

When you find someone, who is speaking with a mixture of knowledge, energy, and passion about a topic which you care about, it builds a desire and excitement within you to consume more of their content, and therefore access even more of the value that they are producing.

They become an in-direct mentor… and as we have discussed on this blog before, we all know how amazing these relationships are for your development in life!

Learn From Those Around You

Learning by including others in your journey is a hugely effective way of overcoming potential obstacles that could arise.

It gives you the opportunity to share.

You can look to talk regularly with someone who could become a mentor as they have the expertise you wish to obtain. Someone who is also in the midst of the journey themselves, who is sharing the same experiences, or perhaps even someone close to you who can help you build motivation to continue.

Don’t always go it alone!

Try Audiobooks

How much time do you get during a day to relax and commit your attention to a book?

If you answer is  “not as much as I would like!”, then you should really consider purchasing audio books instead of physical books.

Similar to podcasts, this can make books much more accessible. So if leisure time is tight, then you can whack some headphones in and take in new learnings whilst doing pretty much anything.

Additionally, a great deal of books released are also available in audio, meaning your options do not become as slim as you may think if you transition to audio reads.

Learn By Reflecting

It is always worthwhile to check in with yourself. Often it is in the time that you reflect in which you gain clarity on how far you have come and where you should go next.

It is all about using open-mindedness to build self-awareness so that you can learn about yourself.

You can reflect on:

– What you have learned today

– How you learned today

– What is something that happened today which you could work on to improve

– What are my next steps

The answers to these can help you make sense of things, challenge your thoughts, and acknowledge progress and results.

After all, what is a better motivator than taking a second to appreciate your own growth?


Alex & The Excel Team

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