4 Ways To End Each Day To Boost Your Success Tomorrow

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Here on the internet, there’s a lot of chatter about morning routines.

Maybe on your way to this blog, you have seen content with titles such as…


‘This is the ULTIMATE morning routine’

‘Read this to see how all successful people begin each day!’

‘Your morning routine sucks… and here’s why!’


In fact, guilty as charged, we have discussed morning routines on this very blog. I will link it at the end of this one.


Now I am far from saying that this is a topic that does not need to be discussed, after all, the way in which you begin your day does have great influence on the direction of your hours ahead.

However, I have been thinking.


Why is there so much emphasis on starting your day right and not on ending your today with tomorrow in mind?


This thought then lead to some extreme pondering.

The kind that makes you stare aimlessly into the distance with your mouth wide open.

Following this, I then decided to compile a short list of activities that would be highly impactful in an end of day routine.


Each activity listed below has the power to ensure that tomorrow is met by a more focused, motivated, and energetic you.

And dare I say it, when partnered with a killer morning routine, it may be greeted by an unstoppable you!


Anyway, time for me to stop with my contextual scene-setting jibber-jabber. Here are the activities you can use today to build your foundation for success tomorrow.


Reflect On The Day That’s Been

It can feel as though one day just flows into the next.

Perhaps you find yourself puzzled as to whether today is Thursday or Friday. And then get really blown away as you realise that it is the 18th, but the month feels like it has only just begun.

This is why this exercise can bring great order to the life you have been living, and also bring greater meaning to things that easily get forgotten.


When you reach the tail end of your day… take some time and stop to reflect.

This may have just been a pretty typical Thursday, but how have you been spending it?


What have you achieved?

What has challenged you?

What have you learned today that will benefit you moving forwards?


This does not need to be some deep and detailed analysis every 24 hours, like a pundit unpicking each element of every play from a sporting event.

It just needs to be your quiet time to appreciate what you have given today, and to accept what today has given to you.


You may also want to ask yourself, each day, about what you are grateful for.

Practising gratitude is not only a fantastic way to focus your attention on aspects of your life that you potentially take for granted, it also has the capability to improve your sleep, resilience, happiness, and more.



Build The Foundation For What Is To Come

A morning routine is a terrific way to build up an engine of energy and motivation to power you through the day.

However, this energy and motivation could be completely wasted


This activity is best performed when you are wrapping up your time doing something which you will return to tomorrow, such as your job or a long-term project.

By taking the time to create tomorrow’s plan of action, you will be able to harness all of the momentum you create from the moment you wake up and channel it into the tasks that matter the most to you.

This is also a fantastic thing to do if you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed by the size of your to-do list.

Ending a day with unfinished business can leave you feeling restless until you have resolved it in some way. This increases the risk of you working all hours in order to feel that long-awaited relief and satisfaction of completion.

Once this wears off though, you may be left feeling utterly drained and exhausted.

You can ease your fears of what is undone by planning for them to become done, in a healthy manner.


There are other ways to help ease your mind and disconnect from the day that you’ve consumed, so that you are ready for the next.

Many people create time to meditate, practice yoga, and journal in order to declutter and open up some real estate within their minds.


Indulge In A Passion

This feels like satisfying a deep craving.

You have been thinking about it repeatedly during the day, but despite your willing, it has been completely non-viable.

Like performing uncomfortable contortions to reach that itch in the centre of your back that you just cannot scratch.

We all have our passions.

Perhaps you are a keen gardener, an avid potterer, or an adrenaline junkie that enjoys the rush of jumping quad bikes over double decker buses whilst on fire (safely).

Whatever it is, the satisfaction that comes from indulging in something that you are deeply passionate about is euphoric.

The buzz from any activity involving an area of passion can be so forceful that you fly into the next day with great excitement and energy.

Commit Time To Personal Growth

The feeling of developing a new skill is very similar to being a kid and receiving that toy that you have wanted for a long time.

You cannot wait to get started and to use it.

Therefore, by dedicating and investing time in yourself to learn something new, you will be lost in a world of potential realities as to how this newfound ability will change your life both instantly and over time.

That is the true power of learning.

Now, final point before we finish for today.

This blog has not been created to pile on stress because now you need to allocate time you feel like you do not have to these activities.

The contrary actually. There’s no pressure.

We want this to be a source of excitement and curiosity as you trial and discover how each could bring new order to your day, and make tomorrow greater.

Approach these as self-improvement experiments, and enjoy the benefits of each as they come.

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Alex & The Excel Team

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