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Tom Hallett

Managing Director

'The use of Excel Evaluate has been instrumental in the success of Learning for Growth and the overall quality of all our training workshops has gone up.'

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We Understood Amgen's Needs

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Develop a more streamlined and centralised core program

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Improve program quality

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Improve learning processes associated with program access, enrolment and evaluation

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The programme was called Learning for Growth, and the benchmark for average learner improvement after every workshop was set at 20%. In order to measure performance pre and post workshop, an effective, accurate assessment tool was needed and the level 3 behavioural assessment tool (Excel Evaluate) from Excel Communications was selected. Excel Evaluate is an evaluation tool that quickly and simply allows the measurement of people’s performance and assesses changes in behaviour, as a result of training or coaching. By tailoring the behavioural indicators to reflect your goals, you can evaluate the impact of training on people’s performance. 

What Did It Entail?

Learning for Growth was launched; a pan-European programme that includes a 3-tier instructor-led development programme. There were a total of 40 programmes and on average between 500 and 600 personnel attend these workshops every year.

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Leading People programs (for people managers only)
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Personal Career & Development programs (for all staff; senior associates up to director level)
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Cross-Functional Business Essentials programs (for all staff; senior associates up to director level)

What Were The Results?

The changes pre and post workshop can be visualised clearly using the Excel Evaluate spider diagram:

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Since the introduction of Excel Evaluate and The Learning for Growth Programme, the average improvement post workshop has been 27%.

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Improvement on managers owning the development needs and solutions for their team members
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Maximized program capacity with lower drop-out rates
Greater impact of training on the job

What Did Our Clients Say?


We have developed a great partnership with Excel Communications.

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Talent Operations Manager, Amgen Europe

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