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Mindshare is a global media company with 150 offices in 80 countries. Excel Communications have partnered Mindshare since 2014 in the discovery, design, delivery and evaluation of their global leadership programme. Find out why we’re their partner of choice when it comes to bespoke leadership training and how we help them remain agile in their ever changing world.

In Excel we have found a partner who truly understands the challenges of delivering consistent training in a multicultural environment, across the world, so that our employees feel part of a global network.

Ton Schoonderbeek (Global Chief Talent Officer, Mindshare Global)

The trainers were very supportive during the sessions and were also available to give us advice and coaching by email or over the phone, in between each session.

Jeremy Pounder – Futures Director, Mindshare UK

The most important thing I have learnt on the global leadership programme, is ‘never stop developing yourself’… I have also learnt how to motivate my teams and how to be more productive

Tatiana Gamzyuk – Business Director, Mindshare Russia

Leadership is about empathy, listening to people, creating a vision and sharing it with your team, in a way that is relevant for them, so that they embrace it.

Andreea Radu – Digital Connection Director, Mindshare Romania

Before I started this course, I had an image that a leader was indispensable. Through this course, I have discovered that a true effective leader is someone who delegates, is one who empowers, and ultimately, who does not always need to be present to lead the team or the rest of the organisation..

Arif Zaman – Global Client Finance Director, Mindshare Global