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How did Booking.com grow from just a handful of people to more than 15,000 employees, in 198 offices around the world in just 10 years? People development and management programmes are at the heart of the Booking.com corporate strategy, and is a key contributing factor to the company’s success.

For over a decade, Excel Communications has been the partner of choice to develop their people’s skills through unique, tailored and innovative workshops.

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We work with Excel because we feel that with them we are getting one of the most advanced skills-based training that we can get on the market. They (Excel) know the business better than most of the participants.

Anne Parker, Global Quality Training Manager, Booking.com

Excel Communications know Booking.com inside out.  They know the people inside out, they know the culture inside out.

Marnix Mali, Director Learning & Talent, Booking.com

If you’re becoming a leader you need to come and do this. It’s one of the best things you can do to get you going in the beginning

Sales Manager, Booking.com

The best training I’ve ever been to to develop yourself.

Sales Manager, Booking.com

Dear Excel, I was lucky to have one of your trainings – Art of Influencing back in June 2013. I gained a lot from it and I am so grateful for the insights and confidence implemented immediately in my day-to-day work.

Account Manager, Booking.com