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Biomet UK Ltd – Conference and Platform Skills Case Study


Biomet is a global leader in the orthopaedics market, specialising in the design and manufacture of implants which replace hips, knees, shoulders, and elbows, biomaterials, bone cements and accessories and orthopaedic surgical instruments.

As in any business, effective internal and external communication is a key factor in Biomet’s success. Being able to engage, influence and motivate an audience is a vital skill for speakers, whether at an internal conference, or in large external meetings and congresses.

The Project

“In 2013 a decision was taken to invest in Conference & Platform Skills training as part of our development plans, for those who present at important internal and external meetings and conferences.”

Danny de Roeck

Danny de Roeck, Vice-President, Commercial Operations EMEA

The Training

Excel Communications was chosen to design and deliver the workshops during 2013 and January 2014, followed up by personal coaching on the eve of the company conference.

These workshops are intensive, highly practical 2-day workshops, with participants working together to build skills and capability. The second day is largely devoted to practice in a theatre venue with personal, video-based coaching provided throughout.


A total of four Conference and Platform Skills workshops were conducted, with 28 people trained in total. The combined participant feedback score was over 98%.

Participant comments included:

“Best workshop I have ever been on, challenging, uncomfortable & rewarding!  Fantastic course, most valuable 2 days I have been on in a long time.”

Grant Harris, Area Sales Manager

“The best course I have ever been on. Wish I had been on the course years ago.”

Richard Banks, Territory Manager

“Engaging, interactive, relevant and enjoyable learning experience.”

Dan Anslow, Marketing Director

“Excellent 2 days delivered in a manner which felt inclusive to all, creating a healthy learning environment.”

Dave Berry


“Will and Dave from Excel Communications give us much more than platform skills training. Their coaching style enabled my team to bond together very nicely, while at the same time building/improving our individual skill set. When we finally were on stage, our audience noticed that it was a great team performance, hitting all of our individual objectives at the same time.”

Danny de Roeck

Danny de Roeck, Vice-President, Commercial Operations EMEA