I don’t like to sit still.  I thrive off challenge, I love meeting new people and hearing about their business’ needs and you just don’t get these things when you sit still.

On my journey so far I’ve been fortunate enough to gain diverse experiences; through engineering, aerospace, events, education, travel, programme delivery and business management.

At Excel Communications, I satisfy my need for challenge by working with our clients to realise their business needs and ensure that sitting still is never a worry.


Commercial Director & Senior Learning Consultant

I’ve been supporting our clients and learners to realise their true, incredible potential since 2012 – although I also spent a stint client-side with a global clinical research organisation! I am lucky to be immersed in helping others succeed, and every day is a new challenge. I love leading such a dynamic team of experts, approaching each of our clients’ learning needs with a fresh, fast-paced and future-focused perspective.

When I’m not developing others at work you will find me looking for opportunities to learn; whether it’s inventing a new recipe, planning a trip to a rogue location or discovering what breed my future dog will be! It’s true what they say, we learn something new every day (especially if you watch as much Attenborough as I do)!


Director of Learning

After graduating in Business and Management with an International Business Degree, I joined Excel to start my career. Before starting my role, I was lucky enough to spend 2 months travelling South East Asia, discovering amazing cultures.

In my role I have had the opportunity to take part in a number of Excel training programmes. This has allowed me to see all of the positive changes our learning programmes offer to individuals, teams and businesses, as well as experiencing these changes myself. I am now looking to help empower others to discover their full potential.


Senior Learning Consultant

After graduating, I began working within education; my main motivation being to provide young people with the chance to learn whilst also enjoying the process.

Joining Excel has taken this passion to a whole different level. The values of investing in people and educating them through effective methods of learning align seamlessly with my own personal beliefs.

Having participated in Excel training, I have seen and experienced first-hand the positive lasting effect that it has on people personally and professionally. Sharing this learning opportunity with people is now my new motivation.


Learning Consultant

Learning and development is something that has excited me for a long time so, when the opportunity to join Excel Communications presented itself, I didn’t hesitate for a second.

Having worked in customer service roles in various industries for the last 12 years, I have found that no day is the same, and working with people gives me the joy and fulfilment I couldn’t find anywhere else.

I am thrilled to be part of this highly professional and passionate team, ensuring every detail is accounted for and all programmes are delivered successfully.


Customer Success Manager

Having worked in the Client Services Team since 2008 I bring plenty of insight and knowledge of clients and the business to my Finance role.

In addition to my young family and studying for my AAT accounting qualifications, I love the work we do here at Excel Communications; making a real impact and creating life-changing moments for people.

I’ve had experience of this first hand and it’s why I’m still here!


Finance Manager

Nic’s career started in sales and then management, training and coaching at one of the most successful and innovative Pharmaceutical companies.

He left the industry to join their inspiring training partner, Excel Communications. There he designed and delivered learning programmes in many industries and across the world. As MD he then led the company to new levels of success for 10 years.

He is now a senior consultant, designer and trainer. Nic believes that everyone is uniquely wired, endlessly curious and capable which means that there is nothing more exciting than exploring their map of the world and sharing valuable insights that will help them realise their potential. He applies ideas and concepts from NLP, MBTI, FIRO-B and Social Styles in which he is one of only a handful of accredited Master Trainers in Europe.


Senior Consultant, Designer and Trainer

Charlotte’s career started in digital marketing working agency-side for global brands across luxury industries all the way to FMCG. She decided to take her expertise in-house and joined Excel Communications in 2018 within the marketing team. Now Charlotte is a Project Manager for the business which involves heading up new business initiatives which contribute to the service we offer our clients directly and also remaining close to the marketing division.


Project Manager

Client Partners

Client Services Team

  • Adrian, UK

    Languages: English

  • Amanda, UK

    Languages: English

  • Åse, UK

    Languages: Swedish, English, German, Swiss German

  • Bernd, Germany

    Languages: German, English

  • Bill,


  • Chris, UK

    Languages: English

  • Christine, UK

    Languages: French, English

  • Claire, UK

    Languages: English

  • Dave, UK

    Languages: English

  • David, UK

    Languages: English

  • David, UK

    Languages: English

  • Dido, UK

    Languages: English

  • Etienne, France

    Languages: French, English

  • Evgeny, Russia

    Languages: Russian

  • Georgie, UK

    Languages: English

  • Gillian, UK

    Languages: English

  • Gillian, UK

    Languages: English

  • Gilly, UK

    Languages: English

  • Graham, UK

    Languages: English

  • Gustavo, Spain

    Languages: Spanish

  • Harald, Netherlands

    Languages: Dutch, English

  • Heidi,


  • Isabel, Central America

    Languages: Spanish, English

  • Jenni, UK

    Languages: English

  • Joanne, UK

    Languages: English

  • Julie, SIngapore

    Languages: English

  • Karin, UK

    Languages: English, German

  • Linda, Australia

    Languages: English

  • Liz, USA

    Languages: English

  • Lora, USA

    Languages: English

  • Louise, UK

    Languages: English

  • Luud, France

    Languages: Dutch, English, German, French

  • Magdalena, Portugal

    Languages: English, German, Polish

  • Manuel, Portugal

    Languages: Portuguese, English, French and Spanish

  • Marc, Spain

    Languages: French, English, Spanish

  • Maree, Australia

    Languages: English

  • Mark, UK

    Languages: English

  • Miwa, Japan

    Languages: Japanese & English

  • Natasha, UK

    Languages: English

  • Punit, UK

    Languages: English, Gujarati

  • Rachel, UK

    Languages: English, Russian

  • Ralph, UK

    Languages: English, French

  • Rebecca, UK

    Languages: English

  • Rolf, Germany

    Languages: French, Spanish, Portuguese

  • Ruth L, USA

    Languages: English

  • Ruth M, UK

    Languages: English

  • Ruth S, UK

    Languages: English

  • Sergio, Spain

    Languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese

  • Terry, Spain

    Languages: English, Catalan, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, German

  • Tom, UK

    Languages: English

  • Trista, USA

    Languages: English

  • Will, UK

    Languages: English

  • Yohan, UK

    Languages: English