People are weird, strange, endlessly curious and spectacularly capable. There is nothing more exciting than exploring their map of the world and discovering valuable insights to help them realise their potential. After a decade of developing individuals and teams at the world’s largest and most innovative Pharmaceutical company I left to join an inspiring external training partner called Excel Communications. In 2010 I became Managing Director, building on its heritage and values, developing new people and roles. We are a close family of global training faculty with dedicated office teams and exceptional clients.


Managing Director

Since joining Excel Communications from the BBC in 2005, I’ve uniquely worked in every role in the business. I have a passion for people realising their potential and building meaningful relationships so I love client-facing roles and finding solutions to their problems. As a person-centred psychotherapist, my compassion and empathy show in everything I do and my mantra is that challenging beliefs really can change lives. My experience, passion and energy is a driving force behind Excel Communications so you can expect continued innovation and customer service excellence when making us your partner of choice.


Commercial Director

Client Partners

I don’t like to sit still.  I thrive off challenge, I love meeting new people and hearing about their business’ needs and you just don’t get these things when you sit still.

On my journey so far I’ve been fortunate enough to gain diverse experiences; through engineering, aerospace, events, education, travel, programme delivery and business management.

At Excel Communications, I satisfy my need for challenge by working with our clients to realise their business needs and ensure that sitting still is never a worry.


Account Director

People and learning are my fuel and so I joined Excel Communications as a Client Partner having first been a client in the Clinical Research industry. I saw first-hand how everyone held a deep passion for helping people reach their full potential and now I am part of that process. I completed my Master’s in Environmental Science, including a semester at San Francisco State University, before travelling. Having visited 24 countries in 10 months I returned to exploit the adaptability, creativity and people skills I learned on my journey.


Account Manager

Client Services Team

I am an experienced people manager with a real love of performance coaching from a retail, marketing and sports background. Having played netball for England I still coach young and veteran players as well as the Excel Communications training faculty and my own head office team. The Client Services Team is a small group of very bright, dedicated and talented people who transform plans into reality for our fabulous clients. I am passionate about the work we do here at Excel Communications and know we can do the same for your teams.


Operations & Quality Manager

Having worked in the Client Services Team since 2008 I bring plenty of insight and knowledge of Clients and the business to my Finance role. In addition to my young family and studying for my AAT accounting qualifications I love the work we do here at Excel Communications; making a real impact and creating life changing moments for people. I’ve had experience of this first hand and it’s why I’m still here!


Finance Administrator

Having graduated in Business and Management in July 2017 and fulfilled my ambition to travel, I was keen to start my career and Excel seemed the perfect place to begin that journey. A thriving company with an exceptional culture lured me in and I am excited to be part of this excellent team.

Development is a key interest of mine and I am keen to continuously develop myself whilst simultaneously aiding the development of others through the rewarding work we do here.

I love building relationships with our clients and working closely with them.


Client Services Coordinator

After a career in account management within the digital media sector, I decided to build on my organisational and project management experience and joined the Client Services Team.

Having been a participant of Excel Communication’s management training in a previous role, I was instantly reminded of their unique approach.

Excel has an exceptional understanding of how to get the most out of people which gives them the ability to genuinely help make a difference, both professionally and personally.

I’m delighted to be a part of such a special team.


Client Services Coordinator

Riley joined the company in May 2017 as part of the Excel Communications’ Wellbeing initiative – and her Mum is the Commercial Director!

Riley is able to build relationships quickly and has an ability to stand out from the crowd; gaining lots of attention wherever she goes. She also has excellent powers of persuasion, one look into her eyes and you’ll find yourself doing anything she wants – maybe she should join the sales team?

Riley can often be found chewing paperwork and taking her hard working colleagues out for walkies, getting them away from their desks into the fresh air, as well as drawing off any stress or tension.


Albert joined Excel Communications in April 2017 as part of the company’s Wellbeing initiative (and probably with a view to taking over the business shortly!)

He has a passion for taking his busy, busy co-workers out for long walks, anything to get them away from their desks into the fresh air at lunchtimes. He can then sleep off the exercise whilst his colleagues return, reinvigorated to their afternoon’s work.

Albert is a keen presenter, confident and engaging, although his bark can be a little high pitched at times. He is very friendly and good at drawing off any stress or tension although he does get a little tense himself when the postman visits, preferring to welcome him from under the desk.


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