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Hi there everyone, its Tom from the Learn Grow Succeed podcast here and the subject for today’s pod is; what are the core skills that your employees need right now as we navigate the second half of 2020.

I am sure you could reel off a long list for me, but considering where we currently are, let’s hone this down to three pivotal skills that are going to make a huge difference for both you and the business.

Before I get into it, as ever, welcome to the pod whether you are brand new to us or a long-term listener.  Just as a quick reminder, all of our podcasts with transcripts can also be accessed via our website along with tonnes of extra development content such as webinars, whitepapers, blogs and new content is published weekly.

So let’s get into it.

In at number one is communication.

With so many companies experiencing a mish-mash of working practices at the moment, as a manager, you can be forgiven for wondering if people have either heard or read what you have said to them!

Good verbal and written communication skills are often thought of as a given, but not everyone can communicate effectively in one or either format, AND this is especially so when they are;

  • Concerned about their role
  • Handling homeschooling
  • Not keen on using a video camera
  • -Excel
  • Or just trying to keep their head above water

If you haven’t carried out any form of communication training in your team, consider it now. Please have a look on the Excel website at our section on social styles training which will be massively helpful for you right now.

Secondly, flexibility is vital.

I just mentioned about video cameras and the challenge many are having. Who would have thought that video communication would be our main go-to vehicle for conversation just a few short months ago?

The only certainty we now have is uncertainty, so helping your team become more flexible is going to be key.

The good news is learning to be flexible is easier than most people appreciate too, and if one good thing has come out of COVID-19 it’s how flexible we all can be; though don’t let this slip and continue to work on this with your team.

Finally, the skill to embrace life long learning should be at the forefront of all of our minds, whether we are managers or employees, will make a huge difference.

Many organisations are having to adapt and pivot to have any chance of survival, and the ones who are succeeding are those who have a team who are committed to learning new skills. Life long learners will be the people who everyone is looking for in the future so start the process in your organisation now.

If you want help to develop your team, you can get in touch by sending me a D.M. either through LinkedIn or on the contact form on our website.