In a world that revolves around technology and where business is now truly global, the pressure to be available anytime, anyplace, anywhere means we are continually plugged in. This is having a detrimental effect on our mental and physical wellbeing.

Mental health problems constitute the largest single source of world economic burden, with an estimated global cost of £1.6 trillion*.

As a training and development company, Excel Communications believes in a holistic approach to investing in people which includes both skills development and mental and physical wellbeing.

We tend to focus on training our people on how to be better managers and leaders, but we fail to invest in giving them the tools and techniques to look after themselves and their people.

Without investment in your employee’s wellbeing, productivity will suffer and attrition rates increase which has a knock on effect to business performance and spending.

This is why we have developed Excel Wellbeing: a suite of stand-alone offerings that can also enhance leadership or management development programmes.

*Mental Health Foundation

Make Your Stress Work For You
Managing Mental Health In The Workplace

Getting Back On The Horse

Let's Flex
Organisational & Personal Agility

Mindfulness at Work

A Space To Be You
Counselling & Coaching

Feel Fresh
Nature Therapy

Be A Zen Master
Stress Management

Let's Get Creative
Art Therapy

We're All A Bit Mental
Mental Health Awareness

Are You Ok?
Starting and Managing the Conversation

Coping with Suicidal Conversations

Team & Self Care