Excel Communications has been developing the performance of people in business since 1985. From backroom start-ups to iconic global brands, we custom design and deliver leadership, management and communication skills; helping your people become the best that they can be. We balance innovation and technology with pragmatic, proven ideas whether we are in the classroom or learning remotely, meeting live or on-demand. At the heart of Excel Communications are a friendly, engaging, personable team and some of the best trainers and coaches in the world, all with a passion for helping people realise their potential, empowering them to learn, grow and succeed.

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At the heart of your programme is an experienced learning consultant, customising your needs with the right designers, trainers and coaches. But what is the difference between ordinary training and an Excel programme?

  • Focused specifically on your business, your people and your learning goals
  • Designed with a flexible agenda that meets participant needs and company goals
  • Delivered by inspiring trainers, engaging coaches and on-demand resources
  • Engaging ideas mixed with fun to keep people energised, informed and learning
  • Interactive design whether it’s live or on-demand, virtual or classroom
  • Professionally organised and seamlessly delivered
  • Managed centrally and delivered globally in more than 20 languages

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What Makes a Great Performance Culture?

While many organisations talk about culture and its importance, the reality is a number of organisations still don’t take a proactive approach to building and measuring their culture.

About us

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One of the main reasons managers say they delay giving ‘constructive’, or developmental feedback, as we prefer to call it at Excel Communications, is because they don’t know how people might react.

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