Excel Communications has been providing global tailored leadership, management and communication skills training since 1985. Our core purpose is to develop individuals to succeed in business. We’re friendly, engaging, personable and honest with a passion for helping people realise their potential.

Empowering people to learn, grow and succeed is at the heart of all we do.

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At the heart of our learning is an experienced trainer working with your people at a workshop or coaching event. But what is the difference between ordinary training and an Excel programme?

                  • Flexible agenda that meets participant needs and company goals
                  • Inspiring trainers who model the skills and behaviours they are coaching
                  • Professionally organised and confidently delivered
                  • Fun and hard work mixed with laughs to keep people energised and engaged
                  • Interactive design that manages energy levels and creates memorable learning
                  • Well-paced for the experience, aptitude and personality of the participants

Your people are one of your most valuable resources and evaluating your investment in training provides you and your people with:

  • A quantitative measure of achievement
  • The basis for agreeing development goals
  • A way to measure the impact of training both in the short and longer term

Excel Evaluate gives you:

  • Quantitative – comparing results over time and between individuals and teams
  • Objective – using agreed behavioural indicators related to your desired performance
  • Simple – using your existing email technology and our secure website
  • Cost Effective – a simple, per person investment

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Embedding the Learning

Even with the best programmes we recognise that learning can be compromised if you do not have the time, skills or desire to provide pre- and post-workshop support and reinforcement.  Our Excel Encore service continues to help the transfer of learning through the provision of:

  • A Coaching Pack; sent in advance of the workshop, this contains a summary of the main models, an explanation of the programme, as well as guideline coaching questions to use pre- and post-workshop.
  • Desktop Reminder; sent post-workshop
  • Cue Cards; sent post-workshop
  • Action Planning Postcard; sent post-workshop

In a world that revolves around technology and where business is now truly global, the pressure to be available anytime, anyplace, anywhere means we are continually plugged in. This is having a detrimental effect on our mental and physical wellbeing.

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