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Hi, It’s Tom here from Excel Communications on the LGS pod.  

Today, I’d like to talk about company culture – and the warning signs to look out for that suggest yours may be in trouble 

Company culture is more than just another buzzword; it is an influencer of performance, a key motivator, and can make the difference between having a team who want to stay and help build your organisation – or leave for a better working environment. 

So, is your workplace exhibiting a vibrant culture with highperformance levels – or is it in trouble? 

Here are three ways to find out – let’s explore each one in turn. 


Firstly, engagement 

One of the first signs that your company culture is in trouble is a disengaged team. 

It could be down to a lack of inclusivity. How inclusive are you with your team? An environment that offers inclusion and fosters an environment where everyone has the option to contribute will see a higher number of employees staying with the company to grow their career. 


Secondly, trust issues 

A second common problem when company culture begins to break down is lack of trust. Be open and honest with your team.  

A workplace where employees fear retribution for making mistakes, or where the finger of blame is routinely pointed, could develop into a toxic environment – and then your team will start to look for other opportunities in a different organisation. 

Take ownership of your own mistakesand encourage your team to do the same, to develop a culture where these occasions are seen as a real opportunity for learning and growth. 

By promoting vulnerability and accountability in this way, you will enjoy an increase in authenticity too. 


And last, but often most damaging, toxic individuals 

Is personal drama off the scale in your teamOffice histrionics can soon harm productivity – and your goals. Quickly assessing the situation and dealing with individuals is key to damage limitation.  

Additionally, don’t forget controlling leaders can soon see toxicity levels rise in the workplace. Is your leadership fair and balanced?  Do you allow a degree of autonomy for your team? Doing so will help engage individuals and provide a sense of ownership, which will result in a more engaged team and a better company culture. 


So, there you have three main warning signs that you need to address company culture quickly. 

If you are a leader who has struggled with company culture, how did you keep morale high in your team? Feel free to share in the comments below! 

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