Cross-functional team working; matrix management; multi-tasking; the way we are working is continually changing. Everybody appears to be working harder to meet the challenges of their business and the need to manage a variety of projects simultaneously becomes essential.

Project management used to be the sole preserve of the professional Project Manager – and still is for many larger company-wide initiatives. It is now also a key competency for many other people who are expected to manage projects as part of their job.

In a recent survey, most respondents agreed that they could benefit from learning how best to manage their project portfolio. Furthermore, all said that they would benefit from learning how best to manage the people aspects of the project. People Centred Project Management (PCPM) achieves both.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this workshop, participants will:

  • Be able to integrate people skills with a project management process
  • Know how to engage key sponsors, team members and stakeholders
  • Be able to use templates and techniques to plan and manage projects successfully
  • Be able to apply skills to their own projects
  • Recognise how best to clarify the scope and outcomes for any project
  • Learn techniques to manage relationship tension during the course of a project
  • Develop skills to time table projects successfully

Workshop Details

    • Duration: 2 days or 3 x 1 day
    • Group Size: 8 – 12 participants
    • Evaluate
    • Encore
    • Follow-up coaching

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