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Innate Leaders is a new business partner of Excel Communications that extends the portfolio of training services provided by Excel to its global client base.  Developed by owner, Joe Britto, Innate Leaders offers a unique, practical approach to Leadership Development. Joe Britto Photo

This exciting combination of psychological coaching applied to responsive and practical workshops provides effective and long-term results at the senior level and throughout your organisation.

Innate Leaders work with you to firstly identify the real-world issues within your team or organisation and then create sustainable solutions and enduring change.

Leadership & Team Development

The Team Development workshops from Innate Leaders develop collaborative leadership skills to create dynamic, high performance teams.

If your organisation is looking to set up Self-Managed Teams, develop Managers and Leaders, or fine tune your senior leadership team, there is a Team Development programme that will strengthen the leadership throughout your organisation.

Self-Managed Teams – these programmes take the concept of self leading teams and turn it into a reality. In a two stage process we will work closely with management to develop a detailed understanding of how self-managed teams can work within your organisation. We then work with teams to provide insight and skills needed to become self-managed.

Developing Managers and Leaders – To ensure your business is as competitive as it can be, your managers need to lead as well as manage. These programmes are designed to support the success of your management teams and develop individuals into strong leaders.

These programmes will:-

  • Help your managers develop insight into their personal management and leadership skills
  • Inspire your managers to challenge themselves and provide self-confidence to push themselves into new areas of leadership
  • Provide essential coaching skills and techniques to develop your organisation into a leadership driven businessThese programmes operate at the highest level of your organisation. From tackling the difficult questions your organisation faces, to creating an environment where teams thrive, a position in a senior leadership team brings reward and challenge. After taking time to understand your organisation, Innate Leaders will design a bespoke programme that fine tunes leadership, defines strategy and improves the way your leadership team perform.
  • Senior Leadership Teams – It’s vital your leadership team have a shared vision and perform well as a coherent team. Why? Because the decisions taken by senior leaders sets the strategy, culture and direction of your company.