When Excel Communications was founded in 1985 the technological advances that we now take for granted did not exist. Now, in the 21st century we are able to sell with the aid of iPads, and communicate with customers via webcams.

All of the Excel Communications sales, negotiation and influencing programmes can be adapted for the 21st century. Here is an introduction to our very popular Influencing with iPads:-

Using an iPad in a sales call can be very engaging, when it is used interactively, with confidence and understanding, as part of an effective conversation. When used ineffectively, it can have a very negative effect on outcomes.

So how can you use the iPad with customers as a useful communications aid? How can you be more influential and more likely to achieve your outcomes using it? This workshop provides participants with the confidence, knowledge and skills required to use their iPad effectively.

Using your own iPads and content, this critical training will transform the way your sales people use the iPad in effective conversations and help them to achieve even better results. Without investment in this training the benefits available may never be fully realised.

Learning outcomes:

By the end of this workshop, participants will:

  • Understand when the iPad is the right choice of sales aid
  • Be clear about why they are using iPads and what they want to achieve
  • Know how to interact and engage the customer in the conversation using the iPad
  • How to focus the customer on the message and not the iPad itself
  • Be able to make the most of the time available in each call
  • Know how to access relevant information efficiently
  • Be prepared for dealing with objections and technical issues
  • Be confident in the use of the iPad to help achieve their outcomes

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Our Specialist trainers include:

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From beginning to end, Excel Communications provided professional guidance and expertise. Our ideas came to fruition and I would strongly recommend using Excel in future endeavours.
Organisational Development Consultant, DaimlerChrysler Financial Services Americas
After maximising the potential from my previous coach, Excel Communications enabled me to take giant steps forward in my development as a people manager. The sessions were a major help whilst SonyBMG went through a major reorganisation after merging.
Marketing Director, SonyBMG
Deeply perceptive, genuinely insightful and extremely successful in building the skills and capabilities of teams, individuals and organisations ensuring highly motivated on-the-job application.
Joint Managing Director, Virgo Health PR

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