Excel Evaluate is an evaluation tool that quickly and simply allows you to assess people’s performance or assess changes in behaviour as a result of training or coaching:

  • Evaluating Performance – quantitatively measuring behaviours against an ideal framework to inform appraisals, measurement, training needs analysis and personal development goal setting for individuals or teams.
  • Evaluating Change – progress can be assessed to measure the return on investment with training or coaching.

Level 3 Assessment – Practical and Informative

Kirkpatrick’s level 3 evaluation of behaviour compares people’s actions against the ideal. Behaviours are indicative of future results and Excel Evaluate measures these, either as a snapshot or over a period of time.

Training Evaluation

By tailoring the behavioural indicators to reflect your goals you can evaluate the impact of a specific training event, incentive scheme, mentoring programme etc. on people’s performance. Plus Excel Evaluate is available to you whether the events are conducted by Excel Communications, your internal training team or another provider.

Quick and Straightforward

Excel Evaluate is quick and simple to use. Accessed online, each user has a unique view of their evaluations and progress. Each evaluation can be set up as a self-assessment, or with optional input from a manager, peers or customers. Excel Evaluate can be accessed from a PC, tablet or smartphone, making it always accessible and convenient. Reports are generated for viewing online, download and printing.

Excel Evaluate Gives You Assessment That Is:

  • quantitative – comparing results over time and between individuals and teams
  • objective – using agreed behavioural indicators related to your desired performance
  • simple – online via PC or mobile
  • very cost effective – from just £65 per person

How does it work?

Excel Evaluate

Case Study

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