Clients often say to us:

It’s great that our people are learning new skills on a training course…but how can we ensure that they put those skills into practice back in the workplace?

Until now, there has indeed been a gap in this aspect of training provision.

You’ll therefore be pleased to hear that Excel Communications has created Excel Encore, a service dedicated to ensuring successful implementation of learning.

About Excel Encore:

  • Adapts itself to your organisation and your needs
  • Supports individual participants and their managers
  • Maximises return on your investment
  • Offers very high value at low cost

You can be certain it will make a real difference to your training success.


The Client
  • Expert resource where time or capability may be limited in-house
  • More emphasis on practical training outcomes
  • Even better training results
The Line Manager
  • Increased confidence and knowledge when supporting their people
  • Greater staff productivity
  • A more motivated teams
The Participant
  • Extra reassurance and support
  • Greater confidence and ability to transfer learning into the workplace
  • Increased success and job satisfactions


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How Excel Encore Works

Included with every workshop:

  • action planning postcards
  • fast feedback

To maximise the return on investment on your training, choose excel encore which includes:

  • coaching pack
  • email helpline
  • desktop summary
  • cue cards
  • extended reading list