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Innate Leaders is a new business partner of Excel Communications that extends the portfolio of training services provided by Excel to its global client base.  Developed by owner, Joe Britto, Innate Leaders offers a unique, practical approach to Leadership Development.  Joe Britto Photo

This exciting combination of psychological coaching applied to responsive and practical workshops provides effective and long-term results at the senior level and throughout your organisation.

Innate Leaders work with you to firstly identify the real-world issues within your team or organisation and then create sustainable solutions and enduring change.

Change Management

In the modern workplace the only constant is change. But change can be unsettling and can lead to stress and conflict.

Innate Leaders has developed a range of Change Management programmes:-

  • Leading Through Change
  • Implementing Change
  • Embedding Change


Leading Through Change will impact on the way your people think about change management.  This programme will help you understand how change affects team members. It will instil confidence and offer tools to inspire those around you as you lead change.


Implementing Change  is a comprehensive programme tailored to support change initiatives within organisations.  This programme is designed as a 3-step process:-

STEP 1 – an initial consultation to assess the nature and extent of change with senior managers

STEP 2 – development and implementation of change initiatives with all senior stakeholders to build skills needed to support and reinforce change and motivate teams

STEP 3 – workshops with frontline and middle management to generate buy-in to ensure organisation-wide adoption of change


Embedding Change is all about making sure the great change management work you have done lasts.

With every change project the most important element is ensuring change sticks and is sustainable throughout your organisation in the months and years ahead.

Working at any level of your organisation, this programme provides techniques to help you develop systems and processes for motivating your people as they carry forward your change initiatives. The effect is a change process embedded across your organisation.